Basket weaving workshop on Summer Solstice (longest day of the year).

Learning and practising primitive skills is a great way to get outside, away from technology and connect with nature.

Arrive with nothing and leave with a beautiful primitive basket of your own design.

Beyond your basket take home the knowledge and wisdom of these ancient weaving patterns and techniques stored permanently in your mind and in your muscles.

Basketry is for everyone, no previous experience is needed.

All materials will be provided on the day.


11:00am - 3:00pm


Summer Solstice 22nd of December


Wild Movement Perth 439 Sydney Road Gnangarra




A pair of scissors or a knife

BYO food and drinks, all rubbish must be taken home with you.


Adult Basket

NATURE SCHOOL SUMMER HOLIDAY PROGRAM - Every Friday December 21st - Feb 1st


Wild Movement Perth's Nature School is an attempt to recreate some of the conditions that children would have experienced and lived in throughout the past 300,000 years of Homo Sapiens evolution. 

Anthropologists report that children (once old enough to spend large amounts of time away from their mother) become part of a "playgroup" and are not expected to provide, or do a large amount of serious work until their mid to late teens.

Children naturally learn and teach themselves through observation, play and exploration. Due to the fact that we now live indoors in small nuclear family's disconnected from nature, children no longer have the ability to observe, play in and explore natural environments like in the past.

At our Nature School children will not be told what to do or be given a series of activities that they must complete, they will however have the opportunity take part in any activities that may be happening on the day. 

Within Nature School we have ELEMENTARY SCHOOL which is based on the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Movement. In Elementary School children have the opportunity to learn practical skills related to each element.

EARTH - make string/rope, weave a basket, identify edible plants, make and use a bow and arrow etc.
WATER - make a water proof drinking container, make a wooden burn out bowl for boiling water in, learn how to purify water etc.
AIR - build a primitive shelter, make sandals, make primitive sunscreen etc.
FIRE - make a fire by friction kit, prepare and start a fire, fire safety etc.
MOVEMENT - learn, practice and develop practical natural movement skills such as climbing, jumping, balancing etc.

Each week there will be different activities and opportunities for the children to learn through:
- playing and exploring the outdoor jungle gym (crawling, climbing, balancing, jumping, games, etc).
- practicing nature connection skills in the primitive bush-crafting shelter (cordage making, basketry, fire by friction, weapon and tool making, etc).
- lending a hand next door at Woodstone Organic Farm (planting seedlings, preparing soil, harvesting fruit & vegetables, feeding animals, etc).
- identifying and foraging edible and medicinal weeds next door at Ellenby Tree Farm (dandelion, chickweed, wild lettuce, etc).
- philosophical discussions about humans place within nature and how we fit in as well as ways that we can responsibly interact with it.
- endless free time to interact with children of all ages in a natural environment.

The children's own curiosity, imagination and interests may lead them to take on personal projects of their own such as making a bow and arrow, weaving a basket etc, these projects can be taken home and brought back each week to be worked on if guidance and or assistance is needed.

Children will be encouraged to spend time out in nature in order to draw inspiration for and find materials for their projects such as feathers, sticks, rocks etc.

DATES (Fridays)

21st December

4th January

11th January

18th January

25th January

25th January

1st February


10am - 2pm

At the moment it is required to have at least one parent or guardian present for each child or group of children..

Wild Movement Perth - 439 Sydney Road Gnangara. 
Wild Movement Perth's Nature School is situated on private property linked with Woodstone Organic Farm and Ellenby Tree Farm.

$30 for 1 child
$50 for 2 children
$70 for 3 children
$100 for 4 or more children

(please book via text or email)
Purchasing a ticket does not count as a booking please TEXT or EMAIL the date that you wish to book in for THANK YOU :) 

Numbers are limited to 20 children per day, however we may increase this in the future. 

Text: 0431535992

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Our Nature School Program is often fully booked this allows time to fit others in.

Cancellations due to bad weather will not be accepted. If you book in for the Winter School Holidays expect the possibility of being a little cold and wet.

Our Nature School is currently for ages 4 and up.
Children under age 4 are required to stay with their parents if older brothers and sisters are attending the nature school.


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