Primitive Basketry Workshop

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Primitive Basketry Workshop


Learning and practicing primitive skills is a great way to get outside, away from technology and connect with nature.

Arrive with nothing and leave with a beautiful primitive basket of your own design.

Beyond your basket take home the knowledge and wisdom of these ancient weaving patterns and techniques stored permanently in your mind and in your muscles.

This primitive basketry workshop is for everyone, no previous experience is needed.

In the future we will be running more advanced basketry workshops, it will be necessary to have completed this one in order to attend the next one as we will be working with more advanced materials.


Meet at Wild Movement Perth at 2.00pm on Saturday the 23rd of April (439 Sydney Rd Gnangara)

Make yourself comfortable among the trees and spend the afternoon making your very own primitive basket.

Once you have the basic technique down relax the mind, let the muscles take over and enjoy the conversation and company of other like minded individuals.

All materials for your basket will be provided for you on the day.

$45 for Adults & $25 for Kids

Bookings are required as we will need to know numbers to gather and prepare enough materials for everybody.


Looking forward to seeing you all there :)

Kids Basket