Nature Connection & Earth Skills

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Edible Weeds Workshop


Re-awaken the hunter gatherer within you and go straight to the source by learning how to identify, harvest and consume some of the many edible weeds growing in your own backyard.

One thing we all have in common as humans is the need to eat. Up until yesterday we were very connected to where our food came from and understood how to acquire it.

Food that you have hunted, gathered or grown yourself is always more meaningful and more enjoyable than food which has been delivered to your door in a box.

After attending this workshop you will be capable of gathering enough edible weeds for you and your family that you will never need to shop for greens again.

Arrive at Wild Movement Perth and make yourself comfortable among the trees. Receive your very own infograph of 25 edible weeds that grow in your local bioregion.

Learn the basics behind foraging for edible weeds before heading out into the field to begin learning how to identify and consume them.

To finish up we will get to sit down and enjoy a community meal that has been harvested and prepared by everyone on the day.


Adults $40

Kids $10

Family $60


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Learn How to Make Cordage / Rope

Learning and practicing primitive skills is a great excuse to get outside, away from technology and connect with nature.

A great exercise to do with your children, once they dial in the technique they will be occupied for hours and begging you to go for a nature walk to find materials.

What is cordage? Cordage is simply string or rope.

Why would I want to learn how to make it?

After a sharp cutting edge cordage is one of the most useful items that you can have when out exploring the wilderness. Cordage can be used as a fishing line, to start a fire (bow drill), to build a shelter, used as a bow string, to create a net, the list goes on.


Meet at Wild Movement Perth make yourself comfortable among the trees and begin by learning the basics of cordage making.

Once you have the basic technique down enjoy conversing with others while experimenting with how long and strong your cordage can be.

All materials will be provided for you on the day.


Adults $20

Kids $10 (children 0-5 free)

Family $40


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Basket Weaving Workshop

Learning and practicing primitive skills is a great way to get outside, away from technology and connect with nature.

Arrive with nothing and leave with a beautiful primitive basket of your own design.

Beyond your basket take home the knowledge and wisdom of these ancient weaving patterns and techniques stored permanently in your mind and in your muscles.

This primitive basketry workshop is for everyone, no previous experience is needed.


Meet at Wild Movement Perth make yourself comfortable among the trees and spend the afternoon making your very own primitive basket.

Once you have the basic technique down relax the mind, let the muscles take over and enjoy the conversation and company of other like minded individuals.

All materials for your basket will be provided for you on the day.


Adults $30 - $60 (depending on the materials used)

Kids $20 - $40 (depending on the materials used)


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Fire by Friction Workshop


The creation and control of fire is one of the very things that makes us human and is a large part of what has allowed us to advance and evolve as a species.

Fire has been used for many things such as cooking food, purifying water, weapon making, landscape management, fire-stick farming, hunting, repelling biting insects, detoxification, keeping warm etc. 

Keep the wisdom of fire making in your mind and muscles by reconnecting with this ancient skill.


Meet at Wild Movement Perth make yourself comfortable among the trees and learn the basics of starting fire by friction.

In this workshop you will learn:

- the principles of wood and tinder selection.

- how to create your very own bow-drill & hand-drill kit.

- how to use the bow-drill and the hand-drill successfully and some of the common mistakes that can arise during use.


Adults $40

Kids $20 (kids will have access to the outdoor jungle gym for the duration of the workshop)


Steve - 0431535992

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Pine Pollen Harvesting Workshop (Spring Time)

Learn how to gather and prepare your own Pine Pollen Tincture.

Humans have been using the pine trees and their Pollen as medicine for over 2000 years in recorded history (Chinese medicine).

It is likely that our relationship with pine pollen dates back hundreds of thousands if not millions of years.

In the Spring time in Pine Trees release pollen is a natural part of the life and growth cycle of the ecosystems in which they reside, feeding the soil, plants and animals who eat pollen dusted food sources.

The phytosterols in the pollen help to provide steriodal constituents useful for encouraging the springtime reproductive energy of many wild animals (including us).

To learn more about how Pine Pollen can benefit you have a quick read of this article

Meet at 10:45am for a 11:00am start (don't be late or you may miss out on the adventure).

Begin by learning the step by step process of how to gather and preparing your own Pine Pollen Tincture.

Then spend the remainder of the time getting coated in the magical golden dust of the Pine Tree as you gather pollen until your heart is content.

You will be required to bring your own materials for harvesting Pine Pollen. 

Required - 1 x Extra Large Plastic Zip Lock Bag
Optional - 1 x Strainer

I have tried many different strategies and have found the most effective method to gather straight into a EXTRA LARGE zip lock plastic bag.

If you are 100% against the use of plastic you are welcome to bring an EXTRA LARGE brown paper bag (however it will not be slightly less efficient and potentially a disaster)

If you wish to sift your Pine Pollen on the day you may also bring a strainer of some sort.

11:00am - 1:00pm

$20 Adults
$10 Children

Steve - 0431535992

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Make your own Back Pack - (Pack Basket)

(Late Spring Early Summer)

Details Coming Soon

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Nature Connection - Barefoot Walk & Talk

Take your shoes off and join us on a nature walk and talk.

Learn all about how living in line with the laws of nature is fundamental to human health, why your body requires elemental exposure on a daily basis and the "benefits" that arise from it.

During the walk we will take many movement snacks, climbing trees, balancing along logs and exploring the wilderness.

There will also be many opportunities to learn about different plants growing in the area, some their uses and edibility.

If you are interested in learning more about the deeper philosophy behind Wild Movement this is the barefoot adventure for you.


Adults $20

Kids $10

Family $40


Steve - 0431535992


Tree Climbing, Rough-Housing & Cold Water Immersion

Flow through the trees, tumble in the sand and immerse yourself in the icy cold Indian ocean.

Warm up by flowing through & exploring the lower canopy of some beautiful sprawling Morton Bay fig trees.

Move down into the sand for some fun, interactive and extremely heating roughhousing games.

Finish up with some Wim Hoff style breath work and a cold plunge in the Indian Ocean.

This event is guaranteed to leave you feeling charged up revitalized and full of life.

Come along - Move Like a Human, Connect With Nature & Explore the Wild.


All ages and fitness levels are welcome, no previous experience is needed. The roughhousing at these events is very non threatening, playful and is always loved by people of all ages and genders.


Cnr of Warton Street & Marine Parade Cottesloe (meet at the small park)


$30 per person


Steve - 0431535992


Something that you can both move and swim in, a towel, water bottle and a playful attitude.