At Wild Movement Perth we assist people of all ages to connect with nature through interacting with natural environments.

Re-awaken natural movement patterns, practice ancestral skills, identify and harvest wild plant foods, expose yourself to the elements and develop a deep understanding of how living in line with the laws of nature is fundamental to human health. 

No matter what our ancestry - we can all find connection to place through participating, interacting and understanding our place within ecology. 

Learn and master the major movement patterns that are specific to our species in order reconnect with and reclaim some of your true nature. Crawl, walk, run, jump, vault, climb, lift, carry, throw, catch, balance and fight. It is not just about doing the natural movement patterns like crawling or climbing etc, but using them as a way to reconnect with your body and understand your place within nature.

All of our sessions take place in natural environments surrounded by and connected to nature. 

We believe that the most nourishing movement takes place when fully immersed in nature and exploring wild environments. Unfortunately not all of us have the time, freedom or movement skills necessary to break free from civilization to get lost deep in the wilderness. Fortunately there are little pockets of nature scattered all around us, we would like to help you to find, discover and explore them with confidence. Or even better come and train with us at our outdoor movement facility. 


A tiger does not lift weights to build strength or do cardio to develop fitness it moves naturally like a tiger and the side effect is strength, power and speed.

In the same way we do not need to work out on a machine or run on a treadmill, all that we need to do is move naturally like humans move.

Run, jump, lift, carry, climb, vault, balance, roughhouse and crawl this is how humans naturally become fit, strong, healthy and capable.

Long before natural movement was a "practice", it was how we interacted with our environment, managed our biological inputs and evolved as a species. Today natural movement is one of the many lifestyle practices that we engage in to reduce the evolutionary mismatches that we are forced to live with due to our modern lifestyle.

At Wild Movement Perth we separate Natural Movement into three main categories locomotive, manipulative and interactive movement.

Locomotive Movement
The majority of natural movement comes under locomotive and is where we focus on isolating and developing practical movement patterns and skills such as running, jumping, climbing, balancing and crawling etc. Each movement pattern (e.g jumping) has a large number of skills which may be developed (e.g vertical jump, precision jump etc). Learning and mastering a greater number of movement skills allows more freedom and expression of movement as well as more options during the interactive movement games.

Manipulative Movement
The manipulative movements consist of lifting, dragging, throwing, catching, flipping and carrying various unbalanced and awkward objects such as rocks, logs and other humans. Outside of a gymrarely in life will you find yourself lifting something heavier or more awkward than another human. 

Interactive Movement
Interactive movement largely revolves around games & play It is by far everyone's favorite category and is where natural movement really comes alive. Playing games such as tag, chasey, play-fighting, roughhousing, obstacle courses, movement riddle etc is an incredible way to deeply stimulate and challenge the least motivated individual without them even realizing it. All mammals are motivated to learn and develop themselves physically through roughhousing and play as it is the surest way for a species to develop the fitness required to survive and reproduce in its natural environment. 

All of our sessions take place in natural environments surrounded by and connected to nature.